An Inspiring Story from Sheva Carr



Received this by email today and was deeply touched while smiling at the ‘coincidence’ in the timing of its arrival.  LOL, a direct message from the Universe to me building on the remarkable messages I was blessed with last evening.  And so I share …

A hug offers one so much, from a simple gesture of ‘hi, I’ve missed you’, to a message and acknowledgement that someone cares, that someone has actually looked deeply enough to know that another being may be in need desperate need of a hug … or that being held in the loving embrace of another offers solace and healing. 

I was comforted by the offer of hug yesterday …  interesting this offer came from a person I would have least expected it to come from.  This person ‘saw’ me in a way that recognized I was in significant turmoil. I was feeling emotionally devastated, shocked almost beyond belief, yet I knew my ‘feelings’ were my own reaction to something that I received and perceived as shocking and extremely hurtful.  My responsibility and lesson to learn of course, hah, the Universe continually provides one with these opportunities.  Yet this person ‘saw’ that I was in distress though I’d said nothing to indicate this, they looked at me in a way that realized something was wrong.  So this story is both timely for me and bittersweet.  Never discount the power of a hug.

One of my favorite examples of the healing power of love
comes from a true story in a newspaper article called the
“Rescuing Hug”.

A photo of premature newborn twins shows one twin with
a yellow dot on her diaper, being hugged by her sister with
a red dot on her diaper.


Hospital policy had been for the twins to be in separate
incubators. Three months premature, the younger twin
was dying.

Her heart rate would not regulate and her temperature
refused to rise to normal.

On intuition, a nurse placed the older twin in her sister’s
incubator. The older twin immediately, at three months
premature, wrapped her arms around her sister in care.

Within minutes, the younger twin’s heart rate regulated.
Her temperature rose to normal and both twins lived.

“Two hearts that beat as one” is not just a poetic
song title
. . . it’s a scientific fact with implications far
beyond what we have yet to manifest in our world.

Care counts. Love saves lives. What could it do for our
world? And if a premature baby is capable of this, what
could we who are reading these words accomplish?

I encourage everyone to reach out and share a hug right now.  You may never know how this one hug made someone’s day and changed the energetics and outcome for them.

Namaste and blessings, Mary

Your Most Important Relationship is With Yourself

A wonderful, thought provoking reminder courtesy of The Daily Om, with gratitude ~

Your relationship with your own “self” is the most important relationship you will ever have in your lifetime.

February is always an interesting month as we have moved completely out of the winter holiday season and back into our routines. Some of you made resolutions for the year and are keeping up with them. Others may have had a harder time reaching their goals. If you are part of the latter group, it is important not to be hard on yourself if you have lost track of a goal you wanted to reach. Spending time in quiet contemplation can bring insight and new ideas about how to get back on track again and in tune with your true self.

During February we will be taking a closer look at relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself. Focusing on relationships seemed a good fit for the month in which Valentine’s Day resides. This day can bring up many issues for people about love—finding love, hanging onto love, love in the process of change. I think it is also important to look at the most important relationship of all—the one you have with yourself.

Often when we think of being in a relationship, we think of romantic love, but in truth, anybody we spend time with brings us into relationship with that person. In our day-to-day life we may find our self in relationship with coworkers, friends, family members, teachers, our children, the check-out lady at the grocery store, our neighbors, and, of course, ourselves. Your relationship with your own “self” is above all, the most important relationship you will ever have in your lifetime, but how we come to a place of symbiosis with our self is where so many people get stuck. Interestingly, it is in our relations with other people that we learn the most about ourselves, and it is safe to say that each person we meet gives us opportunities for growth and learning. Our relationships act as mirrors, reflecting back to us what we must see, many times something we don’t want to see.

Namaste friends ~

Strong Women ~ Empowering Feminine Energy

~What makes a woman confident is her ability to call upon her feminine wisdom~

Courtesy of The Daily Om …..

So often in our world we tend to think of strength as a quality that arises from a place of firm determination and a will to succeed no matter the cost. Even though we might want to think of a strong woman as being defined in this way, what really makes a woman confident is her capacity for listening to her true self and being able to call upon her feminine wisdom to any situation that may arise. A woman does not need to step into an assertive role or act like a man in order to be effective at what she does—she simply needs to get in touch with her insight and sense of compassion to truly demonstrate the depth of her strength.

Listening to the feminine side of ourselves may not seem easy at first for this type of energy is something that is often overlooked in many aspects of our everyday lives. If we can connect with this part of who we are, however, we will find that there is an unlimited wellspring of strength available to us. Our capacity to tap into our intuition and listen to our inner guides, to take into account the needs of those around us, and to view a situation with compassion and love are ways that we can show the world the true power that is part of our feminine nature. When we learn to integrate this source of strength into our daily tasks and decision-making, we will find that we can be more flexible and open to the things that happen around us and more receptive to new ideas. Not only will we see the world in a different light, but we will truly start to realize the potential for this form of energy to both empower ourselves and those around us.

As we cultivate our feminine energy we can redefine the meaning of strength. By embracing our feminine power as something that is strong in its own right, we are able to use it with true assurance and determination and draw upon what truly belongs to us.

Finding Deep Strength



Sharing via …

The Daily Om ~ this just arrived in my inbox and found a deep resonance with me.  Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.  With blessings and gratitude ~

When we look back on our lives we see that we have survived many trials and often to our own amazement.

We have all faced moments in our lives when the pressure mounts beyond what we feel we can handle, and we find ourselves thinking that we do not have the strength to carry on. Sometimes we have just gotten through a major obstacle or illness only to find another one waiting for us the moment we finally catch our breath. Sometimes we endure one loss after another, wondering when we will get a break from life’s travails. It does not seem fair or right that life should demand more of us when we feel we have given all we can, but sometimes this is the way life works.

When we look back on our lives, we see that we have survived many trials and surmounted many obstacles, often to our own amazement. In each of those instances, we had to break through our ideas about how much we can handle and go deeper into our hidden reserves. The thought that we do not have the strength to handle what is before us can be likened to the hard surface of a frozen lake. It appears to be an impenetrable fact, but when we break through it, we find that a deep well of energy and inspiration was trapped beneath that icy barrier the whole time. Sometimes we break through by cutting a hole into our resistance with our willpower, and sometimes we melt the ice with compassion for our predicament and ourselves. Either way, each time we break through, we reach a new understanding of the strength we store within ourselves.

When we find ourselves up against that frozen barrier of thinking we cannot handle our situation, we may find that the kindest choice is to love ourselves and our resistance too. We can simply accept that we are overwhelmed, exhausted, and stretched, and we can offer ourselves loving kindness and compassion. If we can extend to ourselves the unconditional warmth of a mother’s love, before we know it, the ice will begin to break.

Owning Your Emotions



Sharing via The Daily Om ~

Whatever the nature of your feelings, carefully define the reaction taking place within you.  Our feelings can sometimes present a very challenging aspect of our lives. We experience intense emotions without understanding precisely why and consequently find it difficult to identify the solutions that will soothe our distressed minds and hearts. Yet it is only when we are capable of naming our feelings that we can tame them by finding an appropriate resolution. We retake control of our personal power by becoming courageous enough to articulate, out loud and concisely, the essence of our emotions. Our assuming ownership of the challenges before us in this way empowers us to shift from one emotional state to another—we can let go of pain and upset because we have defined it, examined the effect it had on our lives, and then exerted our authority over it by making it our own. By naming our feelings, we claim the right to divest ourselves of them at will.

As you prepare to acknowledge your feelings aloud, gently remind yourself that being specific is an important part of exercising control. Whatever the nature of your feelings, carefully define the reaction taking place within you. If you are afraid of a situation or intimidated by an individual, try not to mince words while giving voice to your anxiety. The precision with which you express yourself is indicative of your overall willingness to stare your feelings in the face without flinching. Naming and claiming cannot always work in the vacuum of the soul. There may be times in which you will find the release you desire only by admitting your feelings before others. When this is the case, your ability to outline your feelings explicitly can help you ask for the support, aid, or guidance you need without becoming mired in the feelings that led you to make such an admission in the first place.

When you have moved past the apprehension associated with expressing your distressing feelings out loud, you may be surprised to discover that you feel liberated and lightened. This is because the act of making a clear connection between your circumstances and your feelings unravels the mystery that previously kept you from being in complete control of your emotional state. To give voice to your feelings, you must necessarily let them go. In the process, you naturally relax and rediscover your emotional equilibrium.

Channel Your Pain to Help Others …

Sharing a wonderful article via The Daily Om …

You can channel your pain into helping others and spreading a tide of curative energy throughout the world.

Pain is a fact of being and one that permeates all of our lives to some degree. Since the hurt we feel may be a part of the experiences that have touched us most deeply, we are often loathe to let it go. It is frequently easier to keep our pain at our sides, where it acts as a shield that shelters us from others and gives us an identity—that of victim—from which we can draw bitter strength. However, pain’s universality can also empower us to use our hurt to help others heal. Since no pain is any greater or more profound than any other, what you feel can give you the ability to help bring about the recovery of individuals whose hurts are both similar to and vastly different from your own. You can channel your pain into transformative and healing love that aids you in helping individuals on a one-to-one basis and spreading a tide of curative energy throughout the world.

The capacity to heal others evolves naturally within those who are ready to disassociate themselves from their identity as victims. In fact, the simple decision to put aside the pain we have carried is what grants us the strength to redeem that pain through service. There are many ways to use the hurt you feel to help others. Your pain gives you a unique insight into the minds of people who have experienced trauma and heartache. You can draw from the wellspring of strength that allowed you to emerge on the other side of a painful experience and pass that strength to individuals still suffering from their wounds. You may be able to council individuals in need by showing them the coping methods that have helped you survive or simply by offering sympathy. A kinship can develop that allows you to relate more closely with those you are trying to aid and comfort.

Helping others can be a restorative experience that makes your own heart grow stronger. In channeling your pain into compassionate service and watching others successfully recover, you may feel a sense of euphoria that leads to increased feelings of self-worth and optimism. Your courageous decision to reach out to others can be the best way to declare to yourself and the world that your pain didn’t defeat you, and in fact it helped you heal.

Namaste and blessings.

Grief can arise from many life situations, but know it is not a permanent state of being.



Sharing a great post via the Daily Om about grief … something I’ve been working through the past while on many levels.  I hope this offers insights to those in need of comfort while they grieve. ~ Namaste

When we experience any kind of devastating loss, whether it is the loss of a loved one, a dream, or a relationship, feelings may arise within us that are overwhelming or difficult to cope with. This sense of grief can also come up when we are separated from anyone or anything we have welcomed into our lives. And while it may feel like we are caught up in a never-ending spiral of sadness and emptiness, it is important to remember that the grief we are feeling is not a permanent state of being. Rather, grief is part of the process of letting go that in many ways can be a gift, allowing us to go deeper within ourselves to rediscover the light amidst the seeming darkness.

The emotions that accompany any kind of loss can be intense and varied. A sense of shock or denial is often the first reaction, to be replaced by anger. Sometimes this anger can be directed at your loved one for “abandoning” you; at other times you may feel outrage toward the universe for what you are enduring. And while there are stages of grief that people go through – moving from denial to anger to bargaining to depression to acceptance – the cycles of grief often move in spirals, sometimes circling forward and then back again. You may even experience moments of strength, faith, and laughter in between. While these emotions seem to come and go sporadically, it is important to feel them, accept them, and allow them to flow. With time, patience, and compassion, you will eventually find your center again.

As we move through our grief, we may find ourselves reluctant to release our pain, fearing we are letting go of who or what we have lost. We may even regard our movement toward healing as an act of disloyalty or giving up. Know that while the hurt may fade, the essence of what you had and who you loved will have already transformed you and forever stay with you. If anything, once you are ready for the pain of your loss to subside, their memories can then live more fully within you. Remember, that healing is a part of the spiraling cycles of grief, and that in letting yourself feel restored again, you are surrendering to a natural movement that is part of the dance of life.

Letting Go of Understanding …

… We don’t always need to know the deeper meaning of everything that happens in our lives. 

Sharing this via The Daily Om;  As people become more ‘aware’ they often seek and focus on understanding what occurs.  I find it interesting and it often can actually be somewhat mis-leading, creating resistance, mis-directing ones energies into the ’why’ rather than allowing, letting go and moving through events with absolute faith in the Divine and that all is as it’s meant to be in ‘Divine Right Order’.

All of us who seek to be conscious and aware regard our experiences as teachers, and we try to discern what lessons we are learning from the things that happen in our lives. Sometimes the lesson is very clear from the get-go, and other times we have to really search to understand the deeper meaning behind some event. While this search often yields results, there also comes a point in the search where what we really need to do is move forward. It is possible that we are not meant to know the deeper meaning of certain occurrences. Answers may come later in our lives, or they may come as a result of letting go, or they may never come.

We are all part of a complex system of being, and things work themselves out in the system as a whole. Sometimes we are just playing a necessary part in that process with a result larger than we can understand. It may have very little to do with us personally, and while that can be hard to understand, it can also free us from over thinking the matter. Sometimes it is best to see it in terms of karma, a past debt we have been able to repay in this way, or as the clearing of energy. We can simply thank the event for being part of our experience and let it go. This completes the process that the occurrence has made possible.

To make this letting go official, we can perform a ritual, make a final journal entry on the subject, or sit in meditation with the intention of releasing the event from our consciousness. As we do so, we summon it one last time, honoring it with our attention, thanking it, and saying good-bye. We then let it go out the door, out the window, out the top of our heads, or into the earth through the bottoms of our feet, liberating ourselves from any burden we have carried in association with it.

Try not to expect perfection when starting out on a spiritual path or attaining inner peace.




It isn’t always easy to meet the expectations we hold ourselves to. We may find ourselves in a situation such as just finishing a relaxing yoga class or meditation retreat, a serene session of deep breathing, or listening to some calming, soul-stirring music, yet we have difficulty retaining our sense of peace. A long line at the store, slow-moving traffic, or another stressful situation can unnerve you and leave you wondering why the tranquility and spiritual equilibrium you cultivate is so quick to dissipate in the face of certain stressors. You may feel guilty and angry at yourself or even feel like a hypocrite for not being able to maintain control after practicing being centered. However, being patient with yourself will help you more in your soul’s journey than frustration at your perceived lack of progress. Doing the best you can in your quest for spiritual growth is vastly more important than striving for perfection.

Just because you are devoted to following a spiritual path, attaining inner peace, or living a specific ideology doesn’t mean you should expect to achieve perfection. When you approach your personal evolution mindfully, you can experience intense emotions such as anger without feeling that you have somehow failed. Simply by being aware of what you are experiencing and recognizing that your feelings are temporary, you have begun taking the necessary steps to regaining your internal balance. Accepting that difficult situations will arise from time to time and treating your reaction to them as if they are passing events rather than a part of who you are can help you move past them. Practicing this form of acceptance and paying attention to your reactions in order to learn from them will make it easier for you to return to your center more quickly in the future.

Since your experiences won’t be similar to others’ and your behavior will be shaped by those experiences, you may never stop reacting strongly to the challenging situations you encounter. Even if you are able to do nothing more than acknowledge what you are feeling and that there is little you can do to affect your current circumstances, in time you’ll alter your reaction to such circumstances. You can learn gradually to let negative thoughts come into your mind, recognize them, and then let them go. You may never reach a place of perfect peace, but you’ll find serenity in having done your best.

The Long Term Effects of Chronic Inflammation …

Do you live with Chronic Inflammation?

The Wall Street Journal published an excellent article today about a chronic condition effecting so many people;  a condition that has been found to in fact be a causative factor in many serious and deadly diseases.

So serious, with such a profound effect on your health, I feel a strong need to share it with you.  Chronic inflammation is a condition that I have personally lived with for many, many years, along with a number of serious health challenges.  I encourage you to read the article and take steps now to lose your excess weight; not only to feel better about yourself, but also to prevent the long-term consequences of chronic inflammation.

My hope is that you take from this article a new and better understanding of the long-term effects that Chronic Inflammation has on your body and on your health.  Essentially the long-term effects that Chronic Inflammation has on your quality of life and your actual life expectancy.  You’ll be interested to note that obesity … being overweight … promotes inflammation; inflammation causes disease processes in your body, many of these diseases are often fatal.  At the end of the article I share with you what changed my life, it will change yours too.

The article is titled:

Chronic inflammation: The new science behind America’s deadliest diseases

What do heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke and cancer have in  common?

Scientists have linked each of these to a condition known as chronic  inflammation, and they are studying how high-fat foods and excess body weight  may increase the risk for fatal disorders.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury and outside irritants.  But when the irritants don’t let up, because of a diet of high-fat foods, too  much body fat and smoking, for example, the immune system can spiral out of  control and increase the risk for disease. Experts say when inflammation becomes  chronic it can damage heart valves and brain cells, trigger strokes, and promote  resistance to insulin, which leads to diabetes. It also is associated with the  development of cancer.

Much of the research on chronic inflammation has focused on fighting it with  drugs, such as cholesterol-lowering statins for heart disease. A growing body of  research is revealing how abdominal fat and an unhealthy diet can lead to  inflammation. Some scientists are investigating how certain components in foods  might help. Dietary fiber from whole grains, for instance, may play a protective  role against inflammation, a recent study found. And dairy foods may help ease  inflammation in patients with a combination of risk factors.

Chronic inflammation is perhaps best understood in its relation to  cardiovascular disease.

The immune system’s white blood cells rush to the  arteries when the blood vessels are besieged by low density lipoprotein, or  LDL—the “bad” cholesterol. The cells embed themselves in the artery wall and  gobble up the invading cholesterol, causing damage to the arteries that can lead  to heart attack or stroke.

“You need to have inflammation when you have a wound and the immune system  goes in to heal it. Yet we don’t want too much inflammation in our system  causing damage to our arteries” and other harm, says Wendy Weber, a program  director at the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, part  of the National Institutes of Health.

chronic inflammationOne significant discovery concerns obesity and the ways it promotes  inflammation. Fat cells, particularly those in the visceral fat that settles in  the belly and around organs, were long thought merely to store excess weight.  Instead, fat cells act like small factories to churn out molecules known as  cytokines, which set inflammation in motion, says Peter Libby, chief of the  division of cardiovascular medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston  and a professor at Harvard Medical School.

I understand how challenging losing weight can be; how demoralizing you can feel when you try to lose weight, yet the pounds simply don’t come off.  It can affect every area of your life;  I know because I’ve gone through it too.  There are reasons why our bodies don’t release the fat, we’re all unique with our own unique challenges.

Slenderiix and Xceler8 turned my life around. I realize that’s a strong statement to make.  Yet I’m fully aware of what I’ve tried and done in the past … and the results from it.  I’m fully aware of the health issues I live with every day, the medications I have to take to function, the medications that I must take by law, to drive my car.  I understand challenges.

I know Slenderiix and Xceler8 helped me lose 17 pounds in 6 weeks, something that I’ve never been able to do.  That’s 17 pounds of fat, I feel wonderful, I’m functioning better, I have less pain and more energy.  And that’s from 17 pounds of weight loss, I will lose more.  Heck I’d have been happy to lose 10 pounds, losing 17 pounds of fat, my shape changing, more importantly, my health is noticeably better.

Wishing you success, health and well-being,